Check back here for the latest downloads as we are in the process of finishing up our STARS CMG simulations for various iterations and reservoir conditions.

We have a commissioned a comprehensive report on our various invention iterations against a base line well pair, via third party simulations conducted by a respected University. These simulations were done using industry standard STARS CMG software. If you would like to review this 99 page report please fill out the following form so we can send you the relevant documents.

PDF and PowerPoint Download Documents

Media Advisory: Crude Solutions Launches Patent Lawsuit Against MEG Energy
Crude Solutions Ltd. has sued MEG Energy Corp., accusing MEG of infringing CSL's patent rights.

The download provides the data on the reservoir characteristics that were used for all simulations, as well as the base case.

Base Well Pair Production

Iteration 1 production vs base well pair

Iteration 2 production vs base well pair

IIteration 3 production vs base well pair

IIteration 4 production vs base well pair

EOR Deck

AITF Invention Simulation Results

Field Production Comparison Invention 1 (I-1) and Base (75m) Tight Clastic