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Crude Solutions Ltd. is involved in research and development for the oil and gas industries. We have recently developed an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technology for SAGD operations. This proprietary technology has shown improvements in production and recovery in third party CMG simulations. This economical technology will allow a SAGD operator to increase overall production and therefore one's recoverable reserves base.

*UPDATE: Notice of Allowance received for CA2819664 adding 55 more claims to previously allowed patent CA2800746. A 2nd Divisional is to be filed, expanding on other multiple inventions disclosed in original application, mainly relating to VSAGD, but also expanding on allowed claim sets for circulation of fluids in a well bore to maintain pressure and/or temperature.

Do Patents Enable Innovation or Stifle it?
Are patents a sword or a shield for the people who hold them? It depends on who you ask – and how you look at them.

"The CS technology offers a possibility of flow diversion and modification in SAGD through pressure maintenance. As such the concept is sound. We have reviewed the patent application and we consider it feasible for mature fields where enough data can be obtained for accurate history matching and confident forecasting of the potential flow profile alteration"
Dr. Apostolos Kantzas, University of Calgary June 2012